Besides its Beautiful Beaches, Here Are 7 Reasons Tanjung Lesung Is Suitable As A Family Tour

TAKING the family for an exciting holiday on the weekend is a good idea. In Indonesia, there are many beautiful and family-friendly tourist destinations. One of them is the Tanjung Lesung Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located in Pandeglang-Banten.

Tanjung Lesung is already famous as integrated tourism with a variety of activities and recreation covering an area of 1,500 Ha. As a result, until now, Tanjung Lesung has never been deserted from tourists, especially tourists from Jakarta and its surroundings.

What are the reasons why Tanjung Lesung is the choice of the family for a vacation? Here’s the full explanation.

Its beautiful beaches

Menparekraft Sandi Uno and family while enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Lesung beach, (Photo: @sandiuno)

Tanjung Lesung has four beaches that you can explore, namely Tanjung Lesung Beach, Lalassa Beach Club Beach, Ladda Beach, and Bodur Beach. But whatever beaches you explore, all the beaches in Tanjung Lesung are beautiful anyway. Yes, as soon as you set foot on the beach, you will feel the white sand of the beach so smooth that it blends perfectly with the clear sea water and the blue sea that shades the eyes.

Water sports paradise in Banten

Playing Jetski, (Photo: Cape Lesung)

This is also what makes Tanjung Lesung a favorite tourist spot for families. Tanjung Lesung has many choices for tourists to feel the excitement of water sports. Starting from banana boats, slider boats, donut boats, jet skis, wakeboards, stand-up paddle boards, sea kayaks, transparent kayaks, and snorkeling, to diving. In addition, the price is relatively affordable. If you are interested in experiencing one of these exciting activities, just come to Lalassa Beach Club – the center of water and water sports rides in Tanjung Lesung.

Marine Tourism Center in Banten

Snorkeling in Tanjung Lesung, (Photo: Tanjung Lesung)

Tanjung Lesung is not only known for its beautiful beach nature but also the beauty of its marine nature, you know. Many different types of beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish are in the sea of Tanjung Lesung. Therefore, not a few tourists come to Tanjung Lesung with the aim of snorkeling or diving to see firsthand the beauty of Tanjung Lesung’s underwater nature.

Can Explore Beautiful Islands

Yup, Tanjung Lesung also provides a package to explore beautiful islands or hopping islands around Tanjung Lesung. Whether it is Oar Island, Liwungan Island, Peucang Island, or Krakatau. Of course, you don’t just go around these islands on a boat. However, you will be invited to see the beauty of underwater nature on these islands by snorkeling or diving.

Beautiful sunrise and sunset

Enjoying the sunset at Tanjung Lesung, (Photo: Tanjung Lesung)

Seeing the color of the sky change at sunrise or sunset accompanied by the sound of waves crashing while breathing sea air is one of the reasons tourists go to Tanjung Lesung. That’s because the shape of the sun at sunrise or sunset in Tanjung Lesung is very large and clear, and the changes in the sky are also very beautiful makes the atmosphere suddenly so shabby and the heart feels calm. Moreover, during that sunrise or sunset moment, you capture the moment with your beloved family, it’s must be a memorable moment, right?

Location close to Jakarta

Yes, the location of Tanjung Lesung – one of the independent city projects of PT Jababeka Tbk – is indeed close to Jakarta. So, for those of you who live in the Jakarta area and its surroundings, Tanjung Lesung is an ideal tourist spot. It only takes approximately 3 hours from Jakarta if you use a private car. You can also take public transportation, namely by the DAMRI bus route Soekarno Hatta Airport – Tanjung Lesung which operates every day.

Lots of choices of places to stay

Tanjung Lesung provides diverse accommodation for families at varying prices. Starting from Villa Kalicaa, Tanjung Lesung Hotel & Resort, Homestay Ladda Bay Village, Lalassa Container Inn, and Lalassa Beach Camp. It’s depend on the needs and number of people staying overnight. And to check all accommodations in Tanjung Lesung, you can open your favorite hotel booking application because all accommodations in Tanjung Lesung are already present in the hotel and lodging book application.

Ladda Bay Village Complex, (Photo: Tanjung Lesung)

So, what do you think of Tanjung Lesung? But of course, if you need a vacation place complete with activities and recreation for all family members, Tanjung Lesung can be one of the right 

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