Kampoeng Joglo Officially Opened, Investment Realization in Tanjung Lesung SEZ Continues to Increase

Tanjung Lesung – Kampoeng Joglo, a tourist spot in the form of a village with six original Joglo houses in the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Banten officially opened to the public on May 18, 2023.

The couple Andrew James and Migi Rihasalay as the owners of Kampoeng Joglo hope that the presence of Kampoeng Joglo can be useful for the local community and become a tourism attraction in Banten, especially the Tanjung Lesung SEZ.

“Finally, after a long struggle for six years, we can complete the construction of this Tanjung Lesung Joglo House. Where, in this complex, there are 6 joglo houses that we have indeed imported directly from Java which are expected to be a creation house for artists in Indonesia in the future,” Migi in the grand opening on Thursday (18/5/) then, at Tanjung Lesung SEZ, Pandeglang, Banten.

While Migi’s husband, Andrew James, who is an Australian citizen, expressed his love for Indonesian culture, especially Javanese culture, indeed trying to be realized through this Joglo House he made.

“This is the cultural heritage of Indonesia, especially Java, which we must preserve. So that in the future we can motivate Indonesian children to be able to maintain their cultural heritage, know their cultural origins and motivate them to continue working and the Joglo House in Sunda land can be used as a gathering place for artists to want to be active in the future,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Poernomo Siswoprasetijo, President Director of Tanjung Lesung as the manager and developer of the Tanjung Lesung SEZ, expressed his congratulations and pleasure on the opening of Kampoeng Joglo.

“I believe, the opening of Kampoeng Joglo will increase more visitors coming to Tanjung Lesung. Because Kampoeng Joglo is a unique tourist spot where it presents the feel of a typical Javanese house with a calm and peaceful rural atmosphere. So, it will provide a different tourist experience for visitors. Moreover, its mission, in an area of 8,000m2 will be a center of art and cultural activities for artists to show their creations. Of course, it will contribute positively to the tourism sector in Banten,” Poernomo said.

Poernomo added that the couple Andrew James and Migi Rihasalay are one of the private investors who have successfully realized their project in Tanjung Lesung and there are still dozens of other investors who are now realizing their project, whether it is a villa, homestay or hotel. Until now, investors in Tanjung Lesung have numbered 22 with seven hotel and villa units available.

“In addition, we are also making preparations and adding attractions as the Serang-Panimbang Section III Toll Road will be completed in 2024. In terms of attractions, we provide joy flight for tourists who want to enjoy panoramic views of Mount Krakatau and the beautiful islands around Tanjung Lesung; travel package to the unique village of Baduy; kayak river crossing package to see flora and fauna; explore herb gardens; opening a new restaurant in the Villa Ladda Bay Village area – which is already operating is just launching,” said the man who also serves as CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Indonesia Chapter.

Hopefully, concluded Poernomo, the efforts made will bear fruit in 2024 when the Serang – Panimbang Toll Road is already operating, namely Tanjung Lesung, one of PT Jababeka Tbk.’s independent city projects can become one of the leading tourist attractions in the Jabodetabek area for local and foreign tourists.

“Tanjung Lesung, the dream wants to become an international class destination. Because Tanjung Lesung is close to world-class attractions, which are close to Mount Krakatoa and national parks that have one-horned rhinos that are already rare. If promoted to the maximum, then everyone can see (come) the beauties in Tanjung Lesung, including Kampoeng Joglo. Next year the Serang-Panimbang Section Toll Road, God willing, will be completed, hopefully, it can (achieve that),” added S.D. Darmono as founder and chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk, in his speech.

Poernomo also emphasized that his party is ready to work together to support everything needed while being committed to maintaining security to ensure comfort for visitors who come to Kampoeng Joglo.

The opening of Kampoeng Joglo was attended by guests from various backgrounds, among others, Hyanto Wihadhi as Director of PT Jababeka Tbk, Setiawan Mardjuki from Jababeka Hospitality Management, Alharmidi as Head of Banten Provincial Tourism Office, Neneng Nuraeni as Head of Pandeglang Regency Tourism Office as well as representing Pandeglang Regent, Arief Yahya Minister of Tourism 2014-2019, Tinton Suprapto Indonesian motorsport legend, and Sigit Samsu, chairman of Indonesia Flying Club.

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