Did you often feel bored after long hours of work during your weekdays?

That worn out feeling after working long hours and sitting all day in your office is definitely exhausting for both your body and mind. In such repetitive activities, perhaps it is a sign for you to release all your fatigue away and have fun somewhere else during the weekend, whether with your family or your group of friends.

The trick to being able to achieve happiness is to live a balanced life. There are times when you have to work hard and there are also times when you need to tone down the busy schedule. Just to let out your pent desire of travelling or rather, just have a relaxing time with your loved ones during the weekend.

Where is the best place to have fun and most often visited by travellers?

Beach is one of the most popular destinations that is often picked by travellers to spend their weekend or even during long holidays. Simply because the ocean indeed offer them the most beautiful scenic views :

  • Beautiful blue sea combined with white Stratus clouds,
  • Seeing the waves licking the toes of our feet
  • White sand that beautifully blends with sea water.

Moreover, due to the fresh air that has been proven to overcome health problems, such as asthma.

Where are the closest beaches to Jakarta that are most fun to visit?

If you live in Jakarta and its surroundings, Tanjung Lesung is the perfect beach destination that has complete and integrated facilities. Located in the Pandeglang-Banten area, Tanjung Lesung beach area offers a combination of both beautiful landscapes and panoramic views of the sea. As a region known for its beautiful resort and water related activities, Tanjung Lesung also offers various fun activities, such as snorkeling, diving, cycling, jet skiing, banana boat, or visiting the cultural center of Mongolia.

How to spend your precious leisure time every weekend at Tanjung Lesung?

Mainly there are two ways that most people like to spend their weekend at Tanjung Lesung. The lowest price to stay at the Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel & Resort is around IDR 500,000 per person / per night.

If you are a family of 4 people, the cost per night is around IDR 2,000,000. This way of booking your stay is suitable if you plan on a short-term or occasional visit to Tanjung Lesung.

Secondly, the most valuable way : Plan your vacation and get a villa at the same time.

The second way is by owning your own Private Villa at Tanjung Lesung. The most rewarding way is by staying at Villa of your own, if you are the type of person who thinks for a long term and enjoying the sealife by the bay of Tanjung Lesung.

Why buy your own Private Villa? Ladda Bay Village offers the option of owning your own Villa for around IDR 500 million and with the benefit of a KPR mortgage of 2 million installments per month, the Villa will be fully yours to enjoy.

Compared to spending IDR 2 million for staying at the hotel every time you visit Tanjung Lesung, this is the most rewarding and also a good long investment if you are the person who always seeks and enjoys the seaside lifestyle within your home front doors.

What does your own Private Villa look like?

Ladda Bay Village is a villa or homestay with a modern minimalist style design. Ladda Bay Village has two types, namely the Viriya and Tara, with starting prices of IDR 500 million. Currently, 36 units have been built and a total of 80% have been sold out.

Ready Stock in limited quantities Fully Furnished Ready to use or rent

What are the other advantages of buying Ladda Bay Villa at Tanjung Lesung

Apart from being able to enjoy your own Private Villa, another advantage of buying Ladda Bay Villa is the prime and strategic location on the largest beach resort area that is the closest to Jakarta. There is no other beach resort that has such facilities and offers many natural attractions rather than at Tanjung Lesung.

Other Advantages: Have Many Tourist Destinations And Exciting Activities

Tanjung Lesung is known as a big playground for tourists to play, have fun, and maintain health. This is because Tanjung Lesung has many tourist destinations and is integrated. All in one place.

It is very different from the surrounding beach area which only presents beach views and swimming on the beach. There are no many exciting activities to do.

What kind of activities can you enjoy at Tanjung Lesung?
  • Swimming in a beach with crystal clear water
  • Enjoy the sunrise and sunset with the beautiful view of Krakatoa volcano
  • See the underwater paradise by diving or snorkeling
  • Exploring the panoramic view of the exotic beach with a jetski
  • Glass kayaking or kayak ride
  • Cycling around the beach while having a local culinary tour
  • Visiting the beautiful virgin islands around Tanjung Lesung Bay
  • Visiting the unique Baduy Village
  • Discover more places and choose the most , whether culture, adventure, or nature tourism.


There are 25 exciting activities that are a must try in Tanjung Lesung, including playing jetski, riding a stand up paddle board, snorkeling at Tanjung Lesung beach, cycling around the area, and harvesting local produce like watermelon or rice.

Also, there are 12 Instagrammable spots that add to the excitement of exploring Tanjung Lesung. Not only for the memorable moments, but your experiences during your visit will be forever captured in amazing photo shoots.

Additional potential income from Leasing the Villa

PT. Banten West Java also offers Villa buyers with a Villa rental system through the 75:25 profit sharing method.

So when the villa is not routinely used as personal accomodation, the Villas will be managed by PT. Banten West Java. Through the agreement of Villa Leasing, you may have a new stream of income from the leasing of your Villa.

Free Maintenance and Service Fees

Through the agreement of operating the Villas with PT. Banten West Java, you will be relieved of the cost of maintenance and service charge.

You do not need having to pay for electricity, water, security, waste management service and maintenance fees every month. The monthly profit share has already been including the additional maintenance fees.


  • Foreign buyers can purchase property under their own name
  • Easy stay permit for foreigner
  • Reduction of corporate income tax between 20% – 100%
  • Free of BM VAT (Sales Tax on Luxury Goods).
  • Exemption of import duty, exemption of excise, free of import tax.
  • Reduction of local taxes / levies by 50% to 100%.

Ready Stock & Managed by a Reliable Developer

Ladda Bay Village Villa was built and managed by PT. Banten West Java, which is a subsidiary of PT. Jababeka Tbk, a well-known city development company in Indonesia. With more than 31 years of experience and many awards across Asia, it is a proven quality of building specifications to villa management.


The Serang-Panimbang phase I toll road will open in May 2021 and this newly opened toll road will make the travel time from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung even faster, about 2 – 2.5 hours.

Moreover, the Serang-Panimbang Section III toll road is planned for completion in 2022. The travel duration to Tanjung Lesung will be even shorter, only 1.5 – 2 hours, similar to the travel duration from Jakarta to Bandung.


“If the construction completion target is completed in March 2021, it will be functional or (can) be passed by public transportation,” ~ Bambang Yogaswara as Human Capital Manager of PT. WIKA Serang-Panimbang (WSP), quoted in, which will be released on March 1, 2021.



The opening of the Serang-Panimbang Section I toll road will increase tourist visits and make hotel or homestay occupancy increase drastically. This surge in visits will also make land prices per meter expected to increase significantly.

And, imagine if you have already bought Ladda Bay Villa in Tanjung Lesung. Imagine how much profit will you get on your initial investment? So, it is definitely a lucrative idea and the best moment right now to own your own Villa at Tanjung Lesung. At a minimum, you will get income from the profit sharing due to the increased homestay occupancy.


  • Planning your vacation and have your own Private Villa at the same time
  • Many natural attractions that can be explored every weekend
  • Getting monthly income from the leasing villa
  • Reselling your property to local foreigner 
  • Free maintenance & service charge
  • Free stay 30 points
  • Significant increase of land prices every year
  • Ready stock and managed by a credible developer


Let's not miss it, while there is still stock, also take advantage of the 10% discount subsidy from the government while it is still there. Contact us now for more info.