Peek at the Beauty of 4 Beach Tours in Tanjung Lesung

The long Eid holiday is not only used by society to stay in touch with extended families but also as a moment to invite families to take a trip to tourist attractions. Some tourist attractions that are usually invaded by tourists after Eid, especially the people around Greater Jakarta, are going to the beach in the Pandeglang area, namely Carita Beach and Anyer Beach.

However, usually, these two places are crowded with tourists since D+2 Eid. Where there has usually been a crowd like ants since the morning. As a result, the family recreation experience on the beach is not optimal.

The solution to avoid this condition, the choice can be directed to Tanjung Lesung which happens to be in Pandeglang Banten. Tanjung Lesung is an integrated tourist area that has been known as a big playground covering an area of 1,500 ha closest to Jakarta and has the status of a Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Yes, labeled big playground Tanjung Lesung offers a variety of exciting activities and beach tours for families who want to go to the beach. It is recorded that there are four beaches that you can visit in Tanjung Lesung. President Director of Tanjung Lesung Poernomo Siswoprasetijo predicts that the number of tourist visits during the 2024 Eid holiday will increase by around 80% – 90% from the usual number.

So, what are the beaches in Tanjung Lesung? More details are below.

  1. Lalassa Beach

This beach is the main destination for tourists to come to Tanjung Lesung. Because Lalassa Beach is the location of a beach club or Tanjung Lesung water sports center. So, at Lalassa Beach, tourists can not only swim on this beach, but also play water sports activities, such as riding a banana boat, jet ski, or stand-up paddle board.

In addition, Lalassa Beach with its position to the west of Tanjung Lesung which is adjacent to other islands, tourists can do activities that are no less exciting, such as island exploration, fishing, and taking children to see turtle and coral reef conservation centers. Where parents can make a family vacation moment as well as a moment to provide education for their children.

  • Activities: swimming on the beach, jet ski, banana boat, donut bout, kayaking, glass kayaking, snorkeling, diving, island exploration and stand-up paddle boarding, ATV, turtle and coral reef conservation.
  • Public facilities: restaurants, toilets, and diving centers.
  • Prohibition: litter and swim in the middle of the beach.

2. Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort

The advantage of Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel & Resort is that the sand is white and the water is the clearest compared to the other three beaches in Tanjung Lesung plus the sloping with relatively calm water waves. So, the beach at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort is relatively safe for families and friendly for children.

In addition, Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort also comes with complete facilities that are comfortable for families to gather, namely parks, gazebos, private swimming pools, and playgrounds. Where to make children feel at home lingering there, unfortunately, this beach can only be used exclusively for guests staying at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort.

  • Activities: swimming on the beach, playing in the sand, yoga, enjoying the sunset and sunrise against the backdrop of Mount Krakatau.
  • Public facilities: restaurant, garden, gazebo, private swimming pool, toilet and bath, children’s playground (basketball, table tennis, badminton) and electric bicycle ride
  • Prohibition: littering and swimming in the middle of the beach.
  1. Bodur Beach

This beach can also be the right choice for a vacation with family by enjoying the beauty of the beach dominated by white sand, blue sea water, and towering green trees. Another advantage of Bodur Beach is that this beach has a beautiful panorama of the beach and sunset. Where the shape of the sun becomes round full of large size.

If tourists stay at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort, they can visit Bodur Beach by walking along the beach side of Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort through the beach safety wall. Where they like to be used as guests for morning walks, cycling, or jogging.

  • Activities: swimming, playing in the sand, enjoying the sunset and sunrise
  • Public facilities: public toilets, and culinary tourism centers
  • Prohibition: litter and swim in the middle of the beach.
  1. Ladda Beach

This beach is relatively new and is starting to be enjoyed by many tourists. Just like Lalassa Beach, the advantages of Ladda Beach include blue sea water, calm waves, and also smooth white sand with relatively calmer seawater.

The location of Ladda Beach is also close to Tanjung Lesung’s flagship tourist attractions, namely the Mongolian Culture Center and Kampoeng Joglo. At the Mongolian Culture Center, tourists can get to know the customs, culture, and history of the Mongolian nation, while at Kampoeng Joglo you can take pictures at a house that is 100-300 years old.

  • Activities: swimming, playing the market, and enjoying the sunset and sunrise.
  • Public facilities: toilets, homestays, food courts, IKM centers (small and medium industries) handicrafts
  • Prohibition: litter and swim in the middle of the beach.


Tanjung Lesung SEZ can be the right choice for families who want to vacation on the beach but can still build family togetherness. This can happen because Tanjung Lesung has four beaches with their own uniqueness supported by recreational facilities and accommodation. Tourists only need to choose the desired beach preference from the four beaches in Tanjung Lesung. To find out more about the four beaches, you can visit the official Tanjung Lesung Instagram account at @tanjunglesungid

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