Kick Off the Festival, Tanjung Lesung Officaiates Construction of Rhino Dive Center


Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung 2017 series of events kicked off today with the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Rhino Dive Center at Tanjung Lesung Tourism Special Economic Zone. The center is a sport activity center located in Tanjung Lesung Beach Club ground. The event was attended by Indonesian Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya; Banten Governor, Wahidin Halim; Pandeglang Regent, Irna Narulita; Commander of Military District 064/MY Banten, Colonel CZI. Ito Hediarto; and Director of PT. Jababeka Group, Hyanto Wihadi [22/9/2017].

Hyanto Wihadi said: “Rhino Dive Center targets in one year after opening, it can draw in 12,000 special-interest tourists, particularly diving, both Indonesian and international tourists. Tanjung Lesung has long been designated a marine tourism destination because of its potentials for diving. In the future, we prioritize the locals to be the divers.” Further, Hyanto explained that Banten and notably Tanjung Lesung have multiple diving spots with beautiful undersea panorama, around Krakatau, Panaita, Peucang and Ujung Kulon islands, while other areas of interests include a sinking ship, a lighthouse, and floating sand.

Rhino Dive Center has an investment value of Rp10 billion and the construction is a joint venture between PT. Banten West Java and a dive center operator. There will also be facilities, like a training center, dive shop and accomodations.

Meanwhile, Rhino X-Tri, which is to be the first off-road triathlon held in Indonesia, will be the main event in a series of activities that make up Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung. The cross triathlon is getting much support from various parties, and ahas drawn interest of many triathletes, not only from Indonesia but also from abroad. Founder and General Manager of Asia Trail Master, Kris Van de Velde said: “I highly recommend everyone to participate in Rhino X-Tri, the first off-road triathlon in Indonesia. Besides off-road triathlon, running enthusiasts can participate in the Sunset Trail Run, while cyclists can compete in the Mountain Bike Cross Country Marathon (MTB XCM).”

Rhino X-Tri is divided into two categories based on the distances: Rhino and Bull. The Rhino category has two sub-categories. They are Individual category divided into Open class for participants aged 20-39 years old and Master class for those aged above 40 years old, and Team Relay category where the trams compete in 1,000 meters swimming, 20 kilometers cycling, and 10 kilometers cross-country running. The Bull category has two sub-categories: Open and Master, comprising 500 meters swimming, 10 kilometers cycling, and five kilometers cross-country running. In the relay class, the athletes collaborate in a team of two or three.

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