Cibaliung Folk Festival

Not far from the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ), there is an unique traditional event that is worth to visit so-called “Cibaliung Folk Festival” – a routine event in the Cibaliung District and surrounding areas in the framework to commemorate the Indonesia Independence Day.

Interestingly, this event lasted for almost a full month and was cherished with a lots of performances, ranging from cultural arts, musical performances, various races, exhibitions, cheap markets, tabligh akbar, martial arts parade from Paguyuban Pendekar Cibaliung (PPC) and a traditional puppet show.

According to Sahri, Cibaliung’s community figures, this Folk Party became a routine and annual traditional event, started since the first Indonesian Independence Day back in 1945.

“Pesta Rakyat Cibaliung (PRC) was started since the era of Indonesia’s Independence Day, This event was set in order to build a good friendship among the fellow society of Cibaliung and the surrounding” said Sahri [15/8/2017].

“In addition PRC is also intended to maintain and preserve local culture, and create a tourist destination within and outside the country,” added Sahri.

Well, with this event, it meant more and more tourist attractions around Tanjung Lesung. Come & join to preserve it!

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