Benefits of Beach Air for People With Asthma

This is a powerful way to control asthma so it doesn’t often relapse
POLLUTION and its poor quality lately often make asthma relapse, whether the asthma is classified as mild or severe. One solution to prevent asthma recurrence is to avoid air pollution and air pollution, which has many health benefits for asthma.
Benefits of beach air and exercise

dr. Wahyuningsih Suharno, shop as a pulmonary specialist from Pertamina Central Hospital, explained that the reason beach air is good for asthmatics is because the air has high oxygen levels and is also clean. So that people with asthma also get a high oxygen intake and make their asthma controlled.
“The results of research in Germany and England conclude that. Because, the air has less pollen — which triggers a person’s asthma — and angina that occurs at the beach can expel some allergens and causes respiratory irritation,” he explained in a webinar themed on the Benefits of Fresh Air for Asthma Sufferers: For Medical & Non-Sufferers. Medical, in Jakarta, recently.
He also added that the physiological environment at the beach can also reduce stress so that a person can control his asthma. “As is known, one of the triggers for asthma is the presence of emotion or stress, so when you are at the beach it is usually for entertainment or sightseeing, as a result, it can relax the mind. Therefore, asthma recurrence can be reduced, “explained doctor Wahyu.
The beach itself must be a pollution-free beach and cannot be just any beach, added Doctor Wahyu. If the beach is too close to the city, usually the air is polluted. So if people want to go to the beach to get clean beach air and high oxygen levels, it is necessary to first determine the location of the beach.
Meanwhile, Dr. Iskandar Adisapoetra M.Sc as the Expert Board of the Recreational Sports Committee (KORMI), explained that exercising regularly so that people can control asthma. Because, when an asthma sufferer does regular exercise, his stamina will be good, plus he avoids the triggers of his asthma relapse, then automatically the risk of asthma relapse — because one of the triggers of asthma relapse is fatigue.
“Casual walking, yoga, swimming, asthma exercise, leisurely cycling are recommended sports that people with asthma can choose, with a frequency of 3-5 times per week,” explained Dede Hidayat, SST. FT, SKM as Chair of the Indonesian Asma Foundation’s Sports Division. -DKI Jakarta

Tanjung Lesung is surrounded by many beaches
And one of the recommended beach resorts for asthmatics to overcome the fresh coastal air can be found in the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Banten. Because Tanjung Lesung is the largest resort area with an area of ​​1,500 hectares and surrounded by many beaches, namely Tanjung Lesung Beach, Ladda Beach, Bodur Beach.

“From the many beaches in Tanjung Lesung, asthmatic people can not only get fresh beach air, but can also enjoy many exciting activities in Tanjung Lesung. Starting from cycling around the area, swimming on the beach, kayaking, jet skiing, speed boats, snorkeling, playing golf and visiting the Mongolian cultural center which is the only one in Southeast Asia, or traveling around the islands around Tanjung Lesung, ” explained Djoko Saylendro as Head of Sales & Marketing Tanjung Lesung.
For very complete accommodation, there are 85 modern villas and cottages and all are in open space. Where open space in a pandemic situation is very important for safety and comfort. The travel time to Tanjung Lesung is only 4 hours by private car from Jakarta.
“But if the Serang-Panimbang Toll Road is completed in 2023, the travel time to Tanjung Lesung will only be around two hours. And Tanjung Lesung it will be crowded and become the prima donna of tourism or investment. Just like Bandung when there were no toll roads, and when there were toll roads, Bandung developed rapidly until it is what it is today,” explained Djoko.
He added that for someone who wants to regularly travel to Tanjung Lesung, it is better to make expenses as a solution as well as increase income, namely buying ready stock villas in Tanjung Lesung and renting them out when the villa is not in use.
Yes, Djoko explained that the offer offered a rental system for villa owners with profit sharing. If you agree, the villa will be used for rent to tourists by Tanjung Lesung and the villa owner will have passive income. And with this scheme, many property buyers have done in Tanjung Lesung
As an illustration, let’s just say you go to Tanjung Lesung every month and every time you visit it always costs 2 million rupiah to stay for two nights at the hotel. If we count your contest for a year of traveling, then b

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