Tanjung Lesung SEZ Wins Award as Indonesia Leading Sport Tourism from Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards

JAKARTA – The Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Banten is an integrated tourist area covering an area of 1,500 ha which is committed to becoming a leading sports tourism destination in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the many sports events in 2021 to 2022, ranging from championships and open championships sprint rally, moto cross, off road, and even now Tanjung Lesung SEZ is a place for sports and motosport communities to gather, whether bicycles, large motorcycles or off road.

For the effort to realize this goal, apparently now the effort already has results. Where, Tanjung Lesung SEZ won an award as Indonesia Leading Sport Tourism at the 2022/2023 Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards (ITTA) award event which took place at Artotel Suites Mangkuluhur, Jakarta, on Friday (16/12).

The Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards (ITTA) is an annual event to give awards to the tourism industry in Indonesia. The award was given by the Tanjung Lesung SEZ in the Leading Sport Tourism category, because of positive contribution to efforts to boost sport tourism in Indonesia. Where, these results were obtained, after passing the initial screening, online voting, followed by an assessment from the independent Board of Advisors (BOA) and final verification by Binus Business School as a research partner.

The enthusiasm has been seen from the participation of 55,464 facebook voters from 17 countries. The top five largest voters are Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. This high public enthusiasm was followed by an independent assessment of 12 BOA and the results were validated by Binus Business School research partners.

“We are very proud and happy to be awarded as Indonesia Leading Sport Tourism from the Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards event,” said Poernomo Siswoprasetijo as President Director of Tanjung Lesung, on the 25th floor, Batavia Tower, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (21/12/2022).

“This is an honor for Tanjung Lesung SEZ and all employees of Tanjung Lesung SEZ. Because, this is a form of appreciation, as well as, recognition to the Tanjung Lesung SEZ as the leading sport tourism in Indonesia. And this, of course, will affirm our commitment and vision as the management of Tanjung Lesung SEZ to make Tanjung Lesung SEZ the leading sports tourism destination in Indonesia,” added Poernomo.

For your information, Tanjung Lesung SEZ is an integrated tourist area that is crowded with local and foreign tourists. In 2018, it was recorded that the number of tourist visitors to Tanjung Lesung had reached 1 million tourists.

It happened because Tanjung Lesung has a great magnet in the form of natural beauty of the beach, diversity of flore-fauna, exotic cultures, such as Ujung Kulon National Park, Baduy Villages and Debus, Mount Krakatau and island tourism.

In addition, Tanjung Lesung SEZ has a variety of exciting activities for tourists with complete facilities. Moreover, the location is not far from Jakarta which can be reached only about two hours via Serang Panimbang Toll Section I and II.

Tanjung Lesung SEZ – one of PT Jababeka Tbk’s independent city projects – is also well-known as a prospective area. With its status as a Special Economic Zone, Tanjung Lesung provides various incentives to investors. Starting from fiscal, customs, to taxes, one of which is a tax holiday incentive. As of December 2022, a total of 22 investors as of December 2022 have developed businesses in Tanjung Lesung SEZ, ranging from hotels, villa complexes, homestays and so on.

Currently, in Tanjung Lesung SEZ, there are seven hotel and villa units to meet the accommodation needs of tourists. Starting from Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel, Kampoeng Joglo Hotel, Blue Fish Hotel, Villa Kalicaa villa complex, Ladda Bay Village villa complex, Lalassa Container Inn, to Lalassa Beach Camp with a total of around 1,000 rooms.

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