The Uniqueness of Mongolian Culture in Tanjung Lesung

Mongolia is one country that has its own charm for travelers around the world. Located in East Asia and directly bordered by Russia and China, Mongolia is famous for its beautiful nature and unique culture.
Yes, many diverse kinds of Mongolian culture are interesting to be explored by travelers, one of which often makes travelers chuckle is the traditional Mongolian house or known as GER.
However, if you are interested in exploring the cultural diversity of countries that have extreme temperatures, you do not need to go far to “fly” there, because now you can find it in Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (KEK), which is at the Mongolian Culture Center.
The Mongolian Culture Center was built on an area of ​​one hectare and was designed directly by Mongolian architects. The concept itself was designed by the Mongolian Ambassador in Indonesia, Madam Battsetseg Shagdar. Likewise with the material used in making GER – a typical Mongol tent that is synonymous with nomadic life. All imported specifically from their home country. Now, the Mongolian Culture Center has become one of the iconic tourist attractions in Banten.
Mengenal uniknya budaya Mongolia di Tanjung Lesung, (Foto: Moeha Moehammad)
At the Mongolian Culture Center, you can explore the Mongolian Native Tent (GER), use original Mongolian costumes like the original Mongolians, then take pictures there. 
In addition, you can also take photos at spot locations that are instagramable there. Not only that, you will also be invited to enjoy the thrill of archery you know. How? Exciting, right.
The excitement of exploring the diversity and culture of Mongolia has also been felt by Moeha Moehammad, one of the travelers who is also a photojournalist for one of the national magazines in Indonesia.
According to Moeha, Mongolian Culture Center is a nice and beautiful place to get to know the customs, culture and history of the Mongolian nation and state. 
Various objects from the culture of this nomadic nation can be seen at the Mongolian Culture Center. Visitors can get a close look at the statue of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire.
“The most prominent is the establishment of traditional Mongolian homes or GER. Visitors can see in detail even feel directly in this unique house without having to go to their home country,” recalls Moeha.
For Mongolian specialties at the Mongolian Culture Center itself until now not yet available, but PT Banten West Java (BWJ) as the manager who is also a subsidiary of PT Jababeka Tbk, provides Mongolian specialties at Pangrango Restaurant located in Tanjung Lesung Beach Resorts.
“Indeed there is currently no restaurant in the Mongolian Cultural Center, but travelers can enjoy typical Mongolian dishes at the Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel restaurant,” Khulan said as Research and Development Manager of the Mongolian Cultural Center, Jakarta, recently.
Meanwhile, to enjoy the variety of Mongolian culture at the Mongolian Culture Center itself, you don’t need to worry. Because PT BWJ has prepared very affordable packages. 
For now, the manager makes it free to enter the Mongolian Culture Center. However, if you want to take photos wearing a Mongolian costume it will only cost IDR 50,000. While if you want to do archery activities, you will only be charged IDR 50,000.

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