Vice President Supports Tanjung Lesung SEZ to Become International Tourism, Tanjung Lesung: Thank You Mr. Ma’ruf Amin

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Ma’ruf Amin, last Wednesday (14/12), supported the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – Banten to become an international tourist destination. To make this happen, Ma’ruf Amin will initiate talks to the Governor of Banten and the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) through PT Pelabuhan Indonesia to present marina infrastructure.

Because, according to Ma’ruf Amin, in order for Tanjung Lesung SEZ to become an international-scale tourist destination, it needs to be accompanied by the presence of adequate infrastructure, including a marina.

“The Marina must be a planning unit in order to accelerate the development of Banten,” he said, at the Official Residence of the Vice President, Central Jakarta.

Responding to this, Poernomo Siswoprasetijo as President Director of Tanjung Lesung, said, “We would like to thank and appreciate Vice President Ma’ruf Amin for his support and plan so that Tanjung Lesung SEZ can become an international tourist destination.”

Poernomo hopes that the efforts that Vice President Ma’ruf Amin will make can run smoothly. Because once the marina can be realized, it will be a big attraction that makes local and foreign tourists come. Where the Tanjung Lesung SEZ can be accessed by tourist ships as an alternative mode of transportation for foreign tourists. As a result, it will increase tourism and local government revenues as well as the economy of the communities around the region.

Tanjung Lesung SEZ, currently, is getting more crowded and continues to grow with a total of 22 investors as of December 2022. In Tanjung Lesung SEZ there are already, seven hotel and villa units are available. Starting from Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel, Kampoeng Joglo Hotel, Blue Fish Hotel, Villa Kalicaa villa complex, Ladda Bay Village villa complex, Lalassa Container Inn, to Lalassa Beach Camp with a total of around 1,000 rooms. With that many rooms in total, the management of Tanjung Lesung is ready to receive tourists.

“With the presence of a marina in Tanjung Lesung SEZ, it will also give a multiplier effect, namely homestays around the area will appear,” said the man who also serves as CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Indonesia Chapter.

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