As a virgin area, Tanjung Lesung has a variety of photo spots that are very beautiful and can be used as a pre-wed location and wedding photos. Contact us to find out various potential very beautiful locations for shooting.

Romantic Dinner

Various locations are also very suitable for romantic dinners with your partner.  Our restaurant are ready to provide delicious menu and a romantic location for both of you

Corporate Packages

Tanjung Lesung also provides packages for meetings, as well as outing company employees. We can provide various activities both on land and in water. Give awards to motivate your company team by participating in an unforgettable outbound at Tanjung Lesung.

Study Tour

In addition to the company, we can also arrange events for school students to travel while getting to know nature more closely. Some students from various national and international schools such as from Nanyang International School have also enjoyed an unforgettable experience at Tanjung Lesung