Playing Watersports at Lalassa Beach Club

Lalasa Beach Club in Tanjung Lesung is a great destination to enjoy water sports activities.

Visitors can choose from wakeboarding, banana boat, slider boat, jet ski, donut boat, snorkeling, diving, ATV, cycling, and kayaking.

Ujung Kulon National Park Excursion

Ujung Kulon National Park has very high biodiversity. One of the rare fauna that can be found here is the Javan Rhinoceros, which is one of the rarest rhino species in the world. Ujung Kulon National Park also has several interesting islands to visit. Peucang Island, for example, offers beautiful white sandy beaches and rich marine life. We would recommend you to plan a visit to this national park if you love nature adventures and want to see rare biodiversity.

Krakatau Volcanoes Excursion

This tour contains a trip to climb Anak Krakatau peak, there you can take beautiful photos. After reaching the top, tourists will descend the mountain through natural forest until they reach the beach where tourists can enjoy the day by snorkeling or fishing and enjoying lunch at Legon Cabe


Enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery at the Tanjung Lesung sea. Our dive guides will guide you to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery spots while diving to see the sunken Dutch ship. This activity can be followed by beginners who do not have diving certification to the professional divers and those who like underwater photography.


With stunning sea views, you can enjoy an exciting and enjoyable fishing experience in Tanjung Lesung. Not only that, this place also has various types of fish that you can catch. You can choose to fish on the beach or use a boat to fish in the middle of the sea. Many visitors prefer to fish on a boat because it provides a more exciting experience and allows them to catch bigger fish

Joy Flight

Enjoy an exciting and unforgettable joy flight in this amazing destination. The charm of white beaches, blue seas and vast green forests will spoil your eyes and lift your spirit of adventure. Get ready to fly with spectacular views that can only be enjoyed from the air.

Mongolian Culture Centre

Mongolian Culture Center is an area built to introduce Mongolian culture, visitors will be able to experience Mongolian culture by visiting Gers, trying to wear Mongolian costumes, horseback riding, archery, playing typical “Shagai” games and also tasting a menu of food with Mongolian flavors.

Cikadu Village Tour

You can explore the traditions and daily life of local people, visit traditional villages, and interact with friendly local residents. Don’t forget to taste the delicious culinary specialties of this region, you can also shop for souvenirs in the local community which offers traditional handicrafts such as Badak Carving, Bamboo Woven and beautiful Cikadu Batik.

Visiting Badui Village

With a total population of 5,000-8,000 people, the Baduy are still isolated from the outside world. They still adhere to the customs and rules of the ancestors. A very clear example is the clothes they wear, namely with typical black and white clothes, headbands and no footwear. When entering the Baduy village, tourists will be guaranteed to feel a very different atmosphere

Golf Course

Do not worry if you came here with your business partner because we have a golf course for you to help you win that business deal!