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Tanjung Lesung is known to be some of the best that offer good surf,
calm swimming spots, healthy reefs, and white inviting sand. 

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in Tanjung Lesung
Special Economic Zone

Developed by Jababeka


Located on the west coast of the island of Java, Tanjung Lesung is known to be one of the best beaches in the Banten region that is suitable for swimming with the beauty of its tempting white sand.

It only takes 3 hours from Jakarta, you will find a very suitable location for beach lovers considering that the Tanjung Lesung area is pure and always maintained under the Jababeka township developer. The beauty of Tanjung Lesung itself is increasing with the view of Mount Kraktau which has been known throughout the world.

The tourism wealth of Tanjung Lesung is not only found on beautiful beaches, considering the vast area of up to 1500 ha, in addition to coastal tourism, tourists can also enjoy the atmosphere of rural forests and rice fields along with the culture of surrounding communities that are still genuine.

With the beauty and the establishment of Tanjung Lesung as one of the 10 New Bali by Indonesian government, Jababeka invites various parties to participate in building Tanjung Lesung. Many opportunities are opened  for entrepreneurs or investors who want to work together to build tourist areas with profit sharing schemes, Joint Venture or and purchase and other schemes.

Jababeka as a township developer has prepared Tanjung Lesung with adequate infrastructure and facilities, businessman do not have to worry about all the permits and facilities, since everything has been prepared. Coupled with government support with the establishment of the Tanjung Lesung area as a Special Economic Zone that provides easy licensing for trade, tax holiday and residence permits for foreigners, making Tanjung Lesung has many advantages over other regions.




Tanjung Lesung has a natural setting, from the beauty of the beach, coral reefs, flora, fauna, krakatau and the native culture of the surrounding community


Managed by Jababeka Tbk, Tanjung Lesung has a variety of classy facilities and is now being developed in collaboration with various local and foreign investors

Perfect For Relaxing

The beauty of nature, the location far from pollution and the tranquility of nature makes Tanjung Lesung a perfect place to relieve fatigue after a week of work