Followed by 200 Participants, Tanjung Lesung Successfully Held a Tuna Fishing Competition

TANJUNG Lesung which has an area of 1500 Ha is the largest sea-based natural tourism city closest to Jakarta. The advantages of Tanjung Lesung come from the beauty of the beach and offers many natural tourist destinations and interesting activities. One of them is tuna on Lalassa Beach which is famous for being rich in tuna with large sizes, which is 2-5 kilograms.

Well, in order to encourage tourism in Banten which combines tourism and sports promotion, Tanjung Lesung held a tuna fishing competition, on Saturday, October 7, 2023, then. The event themed “Tuna Game Fishing Competition” was a success which was attended by 63 teams with a total of 200 participants.

In the activity centered on Lalassa Beach Tanjung Lesung, all participants looked enthusiastic starting from 05.30-15.00 WIB. Until the afternoon, all anglers managed to bring tuna above 3 kilograms and a variety of non-tuna fish that were no less large.

In the event which was supported and collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, HNSI (Indonesian Fishermen Association) and FORMATION (Indonesian Fishing Sports Federation), produced 3 winners with the heaviest tuna, and 1 consolation champion with the heaviest non-tuna category.

The first place was won by Piter with a tuna catch of 10.34 kg and got a prize of IDR 5 million, 2nd place was obtained by Mustopa with a tuna catch of 10.10 kg and was entitled to a prize of IDR 3 million, while the 3rd place was won by Wawan with a tuna catch of 9.40 kg and was entitled to a prize of IDR 2 million. Meanwhile, the consolation champion in the non-tuna category was won by Ramin who managed to catch a sailfish of 15.28 kg and was entitled to a prize of IDR 1 million.

“(I’m) happy. We ourselves (have) often fished in Tanjung Lesung, with this competition we support and appreciate,” said Piter and his team.

Meanwhile, Widi Widiasmanto as Managing Director of Tanjung Lesung appreciated various parties in the tuna fishing competition.

“Thank you to all parties so that the event can run smoothly and the enthusiasm of anglers is also extraordinary,” said Widi Widiasmanto.

Furthermore, Widi – as he is usually called – said that his party would strive for tuna fishing competitions to continue to be held every year. Because this fishing competition seems to have a positive impact on Banten, especially for tourism in Pandeglang.

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