Banten Travel Mart 2017 at Tanjung Lesung


On 19 to 21 April 2017, Banten Travel Mart was held in Tanjung Lesung for the first time.

The event was successfully done. Total of 170 buyers attended, 30 companies from Malaysia, 4 companies from China and 4 companies from Mongolia, and the rest from Indonesia including DPD ASITA.

One of the stragegies of Banten Travel Mart (BTM) is to promote Tanjung Lesung to become a Priority Tourism Destination.

As stated by Mr. Mukhlis Ikhsor Gatot, Chairman of ASITA Banten stated since Tanjung Lesung was appointed as one of the top ten leading tourist destination, hopefully BTM can increase 100% foreign tourist to Banten Tourist Destination, and there will be co-operation between local and overseas businesses.

“By promoting the tourism industry it will promote the welfare of Banten communities,” said Mukhlis.

This event will be considered as an annual agenda, demanded by the enthusiasm of BTM participants.

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