An exclusive residence with a choice of private swimming pool or non private swimming pool. There is a choice of 1 room for 2 people which is perfect for a honeymoon, also 2 rooms for 4 people, 3 rooms for 6 people and 4 rooms for 8 people. Each room can be added with 2 extra beds. Prices start at 3 million rupiah for weekdays or 8 million rupiah for weekend.

TL Beach Hotel

It is a cottage type accommodation in a cool location where there is a choice of 1 room that can be filled for 2 people, or 2 main rooms for 4 people and 4 rooms for 7 people. Each room can be added with 1 extra bed. Prices starting at 1.7 million rupiah for weekdays include breakfast

Backpacker Tent

This backpacker tent is designed specifically for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. With a very affordable price starting from 500 thousand rupiah net, it can accommodate 2 people. Bathroom facilities, internet, free flow tea / coffee are provided. Plus snorkeling / bicycle / sea kayak vouchers. A romantic place to sleep in the open air.  campfire also available with special requests.