Have Beautiful Nature, Java Overland Club 4X4 Choose Tanjung Lesung As The Location of The Expedition Finish

Tanjung Lesung Tourism Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a tourist area in Pandeglang-Banten with an area of 1500 Ha. The advantages of Tanjung Lesung are the same as Bali which has a beautiful natural scenery.

Not only that,  Tanjung Lesung SEZ is often a place where various communities organize events. One of them is the Java Overland 4×4 automotive club which makes Tanjung Lesung SEZ as the finish place for their expedition trip.

Imam Taufik Suryanegara as Director of Java Overland 4X4, said that the expedition event that lasted for 5 days was recorded followed by as many as 40 vehicles. Where the participating participants come from various regions in Indonesia.

“Here, there are 40 vehicles present, all from the archipelago. Starting from Lampung, from East Kalimantan. And all those present were so happy with the track in Banten. This is also for the sake of the progress of tourism in Banten, especially Pandeglang Regency, imam said, recently.

More deeply, Imam explained that his party chose Tanjung Lesung as the location of the club’s annual event finish in the shade of indonesia Offroad Federation (IOF), because Tanjung Lesung SEZ has its own uniqueness, namely the natural charm of the beach is very beautiful.

“Tanjung Lesung is a Special Economic Zone that is very special for tourists,” imam said.

Meanwhile, Irjen Pol (purn) Drs Sambudi Gusdian as Chairman of PP IOF admitted, the track in Banten is quite extreme but it pays off with the beauty of the natural charm owned by Tanjung Lesung, both coastal tourism to the mountains, especially at the finish location.

“It turns out that there are many exotic places,” said Irjen Pol (Purn) Drs Sambudi.

Meanwhile, interviewed separately, W. Widiasmanto as Managing Director of Tanjung Lesung appreciated the selection of Tanjung Lesung SEZ as one of the places for offroad club expedition events that are fairly large in Indonesia.

“It is an honor because Tanjung Lesung has been chosen as the location of the finish of IOF activities which are quite long journey. From Bandung to Banten or Tanjung Lesung-Pandeglang. Frankly this shows they are very compact, very loving of nature,” explained Widi.

Widi added, with the selection of Tanjung Lesung, all stakeholders should be more eager to continue to explore and develop the tourism potential in Pandeglang Regency.

“And they showed with that activity, it dawns on us that those potentials are immediately dug up and we have to be managed properly. To invite as many tourists as possible. This is very helpful in promoting our destination. So, I think it’s a positive activity and very good,” widi concluded.

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