Tanjung Lesung, a Watersport Tourism Paradise in Banten

TANJUNG LESUNG is a priority tourist area in Banten which has an area of 1,500 hectares. Having the status of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Tanjung Lesung is famous for its natural beauty of the beach and marine tourism activities. Yes, this place has long been known as a paradise for water sports or watersports in Banten.

This can happen because Tanjung Lesung has a water ride activity center called Lalassa Beach Club. Where the beach has waves are not too big and have fine white sand. Therefore, It’s making Lalassa beach a very suitable location as a center for water rides activities.

This place is always crowded with local and foreign tourists every day. In the last two years, the number of local tourist guests who came to Tanjung Lesung was 65% and foreign tourists were 45%. Starting from Korea, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Jordan, Russia, Indonesia and the United States.

Currently, there are 11 water sports that can be chosen by tourists, both individuals, couples and families. The price is also relatively affordable, you know. However, do you already know what are the exciting activities of water sports at Lalassa Beach-Tanjung Lesung? If not, check out the interesting review below.

1. Banana Boat

Yup, that’s right! this is a game that uses a banana-shaped inflatable boat and then pulled by a speed boat. What’s so good about riding a banana boat at Lalassa Beach? You will be pulled to explore the natural beauty of Tanjung Lesung beach for 15 minutes. In addition, of course, your adrenaline will be triggered when your inflatable boat is pulled to speed and maneuver zigzag by the speed boat. That is suspenseful while fun.

2. Slider Boat

Slider boat is a game that uses a boxy inflatable boat and is pulled by a speed boat. The excitement of riding the slider boat itself is when your boat pulls fast and at some point it will be turned around in the middle of the sea, but it will not fall. So, this is perfect for those of you who want to try challenging sports but don’t want to get wet.

3. Donut Boat

The game is similar like banana boat and slider boat. But the difference is, the shape of the boat is in the shape of a donut. Nevertheless, it still provides excitement. Your heart will beat faster when you are carried by speeding and zigzag maneuvers. For passenger capacity, Donut boats can be 4-5 people with a game duration of about 10-15 minutes

4. Jetski

Yes, this is a water sport that will trigger your adrenaline. So, if you need a challenging water game, playing jetski can be the right choice. Moreover, the waves owned by Lalassa Beach are relatively calm, of course, it will make it easier for you to speed and perform various maneuvering movements – without having to be afraid of being hit by the waves.

5. Water ski

Water ski is a sport where players glide on the water using a board pulled by a speed boat. For those of you who have never tried it, you don’t have to worry quickly. Because this sport can also be done by beginners. Lalassa Beach Club instructors will provide a guide that allows you to stand on a ski and glide over the sea while still being safe.

6. Wake Board

Wake board is a sport where players glide on the water using a single board pulled by a speed boat. Yup, the difference between water skis is that the medium uses a board. But it still does not reduce the sense of the joy when riding it. What is it? When able to maintain balance over the surging sea water. For the duration of the game, it is the same as for jetski and water skis, which is 20-30 minutes.

7. Stand up paddle board

This is a water sport that is being favored by Tanjung Lesung tourists. Why? That’s because you can more freely explore every part of the beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach. How to play is also easy anyway. The Lalassa Beach Club team will quick tips on how to use it. So, don’t forget to try this sport when visiting Tanjung Lesung!

8. Sea Kayak

Want to see the beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach up close? It’s easy, just ride a kayak or canoe boat. Yes, kayaking is an effort that will never fail. Because when paddling, you will see an amazing landscape of scenery: clear sea water, white sand on the banks and birds flying from one tree to another.

9. Transparent Kayak

Riding a transparent kayaking or transparent kayaking is also worth it to see the natural beauty of Tanjung Lesung beach, you know. That’s because when you ride a transparent kayak, you can not only see the natural beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach beach from what is in front of you. But, you can also witness the beauty of the underwater nature through its transparent kayak.

10. Snorkeling

Are you a person who likes snorkeling? If ‘yes’, feel the thrill of snorkeling at Tanjung Lesung Beach! There, you will see beautiful underwater natural scenery: clown fish, bat fish, angelfish swimming over the coral reef.

11. Diving

Yes, you can dive in Tanjung Lesung. Is the underwater realm beautiful? Of course, because one of the advantages that Tanjung Lesung has is the charm of its marine nature. You will swim with hordes of fish. Watching nemo fish dancing on the coral, and watching the beauty of various coral reefs. For those who are interested and have complete diving equipment, you can directly come to Lalassa Beach while for those who do not have equipment, it is expected to book in advance for the Lalassa Beach Club to prepare their needs.

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