Foto: Rifat Alhamidi/detikcom

Former Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, Invites 3 State Owned Company to Transform Tanjung Lesung to Become like Nusa Dua

Foto: Rifat Alhamidi/detikcom

Arief Yahya, Former Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for 2014-2019 invited three BUMNs to invest in the Tanjung Lesung-Banten Special Economic Zone (KEK). The three BUMNs that were invited were Pelindo III, Wika Realty and the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

Arief explained that the aim of inviting these three BUMNs was to turn the Tanjung Lesung SEZ into a developed tourism industry, such as in Mandalika, Lombok to Nusa Dua-Bali.
“There are 3 state-owned companies and we have discussed it with the board of directors. We want to create a marina here so that marine tourism can excel and become world class,” he said on the sidelines of a visit to Tanjung Lesung, Banten, Sunday (23/5/2021) .
More deeply, Arief explained that the three companies had agreed to build world-class tourist spots that were not far inferior to those in Mandalika and Nusa Dua.
“Pelindo III has already explored it, five years ago we planned to build a marina in Tanjung Lesung and now we are repeating it again. Tanjung Lesung has good nature, good culture, but there must be a world class one. there is a special attraction like Mandalika which already has a Moto-GP, “he said.
“Then we have Wika Realty. Wika also happens to build a toll road from Serang to Panimbang. If the marina is built, it will be great if we build property around the marina. Earlier we agreed that it would be built by Wika Realty, and we know that there is a marina there for sure. the property will sell well, “he added.
Meanwhile, the exploration of cooperation with ITDC, namely that they will manage all tourist destinations in Tanjung Lesung. With ITDC’s experience capital, Arief hopes that in the future Tanjung Lesung can become a new tourist destination that can compete with world class.
“There is an agreement that about 500 hectares will be managed by ITDC like managing Nusa Dua. We can imagine if Tanjung Lesung has a conference building, people from meetings to meetings and even the exhibition live here. And I think this is good for Pandeglang, even for offerings, which finally have a conference. world class, “he said.
However, Arief admitted that the exploration of this cooperation took a long time. But most importantly, there are investors who have entered Tanjung Lesung and agreed to build a tourist destination there to become world class.
On that occasion, besides being attended by the directors of Pelindo III, Wika Realty and ITDS were also attended by the Regent of Pandeglang Irna Narulita, Board of Directors of Jababeka Group such as Setiawan Mardjuki and also attended by Setyono Djuandi Darmono as founder and chairman of Jababeka Group

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